order & pricing


kim rosenfeld

Please e-mail me your name & contact information, along with your letter order selections:

1.  Letters to be created:
          - Initials, full name(s), or room descriptions (Ex. laundry, suds, playroom, bath, etc.), or other

2.  Capitals and/or lowercase letters

3.  Main color(s) preference

4.  Pattern preference: floral, stripes, polka dots, etc. (optional)

5.  A picture of the room (optional)

*I will send you a picture of the sample fabrics for approval*


  • CAPS: 10"-12" tall, depending on letter:  $12 each
  • lowercase: 6"-12" tall, depending on letter:  $10 each

(plus shipping & handling)

**Please allow 2 weeks for completion**